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Hi, I'm Alan Wickstrom, President of BuildingOnline...

We've constructed the hottest building industry search engine ever created. It's still the only true search engine devoted to the building and home improvement industry! Search results are fast and accurate, and you're in control of the search categories!

What is a 'true' search engine? A true search engine reads ALL the text on EVERY web page it indexes. And it monitors hyper-text links as they expire and adds new ones as they come online. We're unique from the big generic search engines (such as Google or Yahoo) because we only search web sites related to the residential architectural, building, home improvement, lumber and building products industries.
BuildingOnline's Search Engine Updates Each of the 204,000 Web Pages Once a Week, Making us the most accurate starting point for the building industry that is online!
BuildingOnline's Search Engine Version 3.0 Categories include:
» Architects & House Plans
» Associations & Education
» Builders
» Building Products
» Contractors & Consultants
» Gardening / Landscape Products
» Home Appliances
» Media (Trade Magazines, Radio & TV)
» Mortgage Services
» Pro-Retailers and Home Centers
» Software for the Building Industry
» Wholesalers, Distributors or Exporters
How to use BuildingOnline Version 3.0 search engine:

1) Click on the search engine.
2) Select one category you would like to search by clicking on the 'radio button' to the left of the database category. BuildingOnline's Search Engine Categories are listed above.
3) Below are examples of the different types of searches and how to use them:
Single Word Search:   Example: enter "nails"
Any web page containing the word "nails" will be retrieved. As with all your searches, the web pages with the highest number of match lines to the word or phrase will return first.
Exact Phrase Search:   Example: enter "Home Depot"
Any Web page containing the phrase "Home Depot" (in that exact order) will be retrieved. The query will find only the words exactly as entered. Note that the phrase must be in inside of double quotes for the phrase "Home Depot" to be returned.
Multiple Word Search Using "Or":   Example: enter "treated or lumber"
Any Web page containing either the word "treated" or the word "lumber" will be retrieved. Note that the logical operator OR must be between the words and in uppercase.
Multiple Word Searches:   Example: enter "treated lumber"
Any Web page containing both the word "treated" and the word "lumber" will be retrieved. Note that the logical operator AND is our default operator for multiple word search. You do NOT have to type the word AND when looking for multiple word searches like this.
Common syntax mistakes while doing a search include:

» Listing two words without OR joining them. For example, screws fasteners should be screws OR fasteners. Remember, the AND operator is the default for our search engine.

» Not using quotes around phrases or regular expressions. For example, the phrase: Ace Hardware should be "Ace Hardware".
4) After you have typed the words you want to find on the Internet in our query box, hit the SEARCH button and watch your links return at lightning speed.

5) To search multiple databases use your back button after you have made your initial search, select a new database and hit the SEARCH button... your original query will still be in the box!

6) If you need additional help, please call BuildingOnline at:


or eMail us at and we'll answer any questions you have.

7) To submit your web site for FREE WEEKLY SEARCHES, please use our URL submissions page.
The BuildingOnline Internet Search Engine gives you:

You select the home center category you need to search.

BuildingOnline is the most accurate and up-to-date starting point for all facets of the home center industry on the Internet. Not only can you search by the categories listed above, but we send out the BuildingOnline search engine spiders once a week to re-read and re-update all 204,000+ web page documents in all 12 database described above.

We know you are paying good money to surf the Internet, so we built BuildingOnline's new high speed web server to process your search results faster than ever! Most results are returned in less than 5 seconds. And since our server is only one jump off the backbone of the Internet, data will be delivered lightning fast.
Our objective is to make your Internet search for building industry information as fast and as accurate as possible. The best thanks we could ever receive from you would be to tell a business colleague about BuildingOnline's Internet search engine services . . . THANK YOU!
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Established and Operating since August 15, 1995

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